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Not Just USANA Emerald Directors...

Advocates, Authors, Teachers, and Developers of the Longest, Running, Most Powerful System in Network Marketing Known By So Many As Integritas Group...

Long-Time Leaders

Jason and Chris have been building full-time for years. They have always been known as leaders in their company in their own businesses but helping others...even crossline to them.


Jason and Chris have written three major publications that are available on all major book retailers and reading formats. The Complete Networker and How To Choose A Network Marketing Opportunity are subjects in network marketing; and Anti Suit Entrepreneur discusses their journey into entrepreneurship from the beginning. Beyond that Chris and Jason have authored so many blog articles, YouTube videos on the subject of network marketing, it would be impossible to count. Their books, articles and training have been featured on


Training and duplication is so much of a successful network marketing business; Jason is often quoted as saying "I guarantee I am not my best salesman in my organization, but I know I am the best trainer." As Chris states, "network marketing is definitely a business that requires the effort of each individual, however, good training can make all the difference in the world." Chris and Jason have created multiple courses specifically targeting network marketing the area of Communication, Getting Customers, Sponsoring, Goal Setting, Lead Generation and Training Teams.

Developers of The Most Powerful System in Network Marketing

What else can we say? Years and years ago, we looked at numerous contact managers, email systems, training systems and nothing was quite right. Not to mention that none of what we looked at had all of those functions. So we built our own system with a contact manager to manage customers and associates, email autoresponders and list management, and training courses. Now on Version 4, Integritas Group has been the standard for those who are truly building a network marketing business.


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